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Hotel Albert II is situated in the heart of the queen of resorts.
It is the ideal starting point for your museum visits, beach walks and culinary discovery.
In winter as in summer, Ostende offers you a wealth of attractions and activities.
Here our top 10 to help you make the most of your stay in the city.

Ensor House

We are situated in the same street as this museuem.
Here you will not only find works by the famous Ostende artist James Ensor (1860-1949),
but you will also step into the actual world in which he lived.

City Museum

Just around the corner is the Ostende city museum. It is housed in the former Royal Palace.
An ideal, stately setting for the extensive collection of local historic finds
that take you back in time through the history of the coastal city.

The Coastal Tram

No more searching for a parking space or being stuck in traffic jams.
The Coastal tram will take you to the heart of every resort throughout the day.
From Knokke and De Panne, with a sea view.

Mu.ZEE – Art Museum

Mu.ZEE is the museum of Belgian art. Walk through one art movement to another and learn about Belgian artists and their works from 1830 to the present day.

North Sea Aquarium

In the North Sea Aquarium you can discover some 60 living sea animals in 13 aquariums, as well as stuffed rare fish and a collection of North Sea shells, crustaceans, and echinoderms. For kids, there is an informative and fascinating encounter with the fauna and flora of the North Sea.

Fort Napoleon

In the dunes to the north of Ostend lies an impressive fort with a turbulent past. The infamous French general Napoleon ordered its construction to defend against attacks from the west but the fort has taken on many roles since.
Website only available in Dutch or French

Domein Raversijde – Atlantic Wall

A section of the old defence line that was built by the Germans to defend the coastline from invasion lies well preserved in the dunes of Raversijde. Visit these fortifications dating from the First and Second World Wars.

Museum Ship Amandine

Do want to see the life of fishermen from close by? Then go on board the Amandine. The construction of this sturdy fishing trawler began on 16 November 1960 and it was put to sea to fish the waters of the Channel and North Sea. From 1974, it spent two decades fishing solely in the Icelandic seas.

Tall Ship Mercator

A ‘must do’ in Ostende.
The three-mast museum ship Mercator go on board and let the artefacts, photos and stories take you back in time on exciting ocean voyages.

Church of St Peter and St Paul

This neo-gothic church in the centre of Ostend replaced the Church of St Peter that was destroyed by fire in 1896
Leaving only the nearby brick tower known as the Peperbusse – Pepper mill.